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Massage Therapy in Holladay


I have a deep love for helping clients get out of pain from the inside out. I have used the power to heal through Reiki energy for over 15 years. During the last 6 years I've incorporated massage body work with energy healing. Working alongside chiropractors, professional bodyworkers and also worked on professional athletes. I have a deep understanding of how to pinpoint problem areas to release muscle tension. I've developed a true love for helping my clients improve their quality of life through my open heart and love for humanity!

I have come to believe that everything in life is vibrating energy and that the universe is interconnected. 

During your healing session, we clear out blocked energy, raising your natural vibration to a positive flow of energy throughout your body. When combined with massage we can reduce pain, and restore balance of the mind, body, and soul

Energy Massage Specials

Reiki Cleanse


Reiki promotes healing by flowing lifeforce energy through blocked parts of the physical body, raising the vibration of the energy field, bringing youthful vitality and improved health. 

Crystal Chakra Balancing


Crystals transfer and store energy, which can be received by our aura and chakra system. 

Within the physical body resides a spiritual body that contains the seven main chakras. ​

Chakra balancing gives you an auric cleanse, helping you to reconnect and integrate with your higher self, making possible an increased awareness of your highest life path and a greater realization of your own self worth.